Steve Baxter Pitch Template

1. Introduction

My name is Damien Robinson from Daim Digital, I'm here to promote the investment of your time mentoring me. I'm asking for ongoing support and help with building a sustainable business. I'm working with a handful of startups and small businesses to build out a portfolio and help me test the process of my business of building high quality bespoke marketing websites.

2. What is the problem

WordPress and other website builders provides a terrible developer experience and are holding back technical innovate of the web.

Website builders are big, complicated technology platforms that are difficult to customise and tailor to brand style. They have a learning curve and force developers to compromise the quality of their output to work with the website builder tool.

Server side rendered websites like WordPress are not ideal for reliability and sustainability. They often have server scaling and hosting management headaches.

"Content is King - Code is Queen ".

3. Solution

Innovate marketing websites built with bleeding-edge technology. Beautifully designed to provide a competitive digital presence for start-ups.

I'm automating the process of making personalised marketing websites. Automation reduces the time taken to deliver projects and makes the project cheaper to produce.

Nuxt is an innovating static site generation framework we use to build websites.

4. Team

I'm a web developer working 80-hour weeks for the last 5 years, building my skills in both business and technology with commercial full-time work and open-source contributions.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I can empathise with the needs of other entrepreneurs.

Passion for open source and collaboration allow me to make wonderful, long-lasting industry connections.

5. Competition

The 2 types of alternatives are, do it yourself (DIY) website builders and hiring a digital agency to do it for you.

  • WordPress (43% market share)
  • Square Space
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Bubble
  • Webflow
  • Plenty of Digital Agencies

6. Business Model

I'm working on freelancing with an hourly rate of $98 working on service packages for projects and retainer-based services. Moving forward, the goal is to use value-based pricing to promote building better products rather than worrying about timesheets.

Cost Structure

  • Design $2,000 - $5,000 per project
  • Developer $1,000 - $5,000 per project (10 - 50 hours)
  • Project Manager $200 per project
  • Domain name $20 - $400 per year
  • Server Hosting $20 - $4000 per month

Total: $3,240 - $14,400 per project

Transparency in costs to provide a premium experience.

Cost Driven (cost structure, low price prop, automation, extensive outsourcing).

Value driven (focused on value creation, premium value prop).

7. Forecasts/Success metrics

Measuring how engaging a web page, and how the page is creating revenue generating leads and conversions.

  • Impressions
  • Page views
  • Page load speed
  • Time on page
  • Contact form submissions

Finding a benchmark for these stats will be important for showing success.

8. Closing

I'm looking forward to working with the startup community to deliver high quality digital experiences. I invite you to please give your feedback.


  1. Other than exact treatment of numbers. They should know what they have spent to do, if they can't count their own money, then they will get none of mine.
  2. Wild 'hockey stick' forecasts - where the forecasts from sales of (say) $100k this year to $15m the year after!
  3. Anything that is hard to read.
  4. Replicating your notes on the pitch deck is pointless and a waste of time, the pitch deck should summarise and/or add colour to what you are saying

The #1 slide a Startup Pitch must have and is often left out.

What you are asking for : $x for y%

I'm looking for a community of developers to work with to build better websites. Ideally, the community would help me with feedback to incrementally improve the websites I build.

I'm not looking for money. I would rather bootstrap to fund my work.