Anthony Painter Pitch Template

Elevator pitch

My Company, Daim Digital, is developing open-source digital experience platform to help startups solve a problem with building and managing an affordable digital marketing presence.

Problem (that you solve), so what?

WordPress and other website builders provides a terrible developer experience and are holding back technical innovate of the web.

Website builders are big, complicated technology platforms that are difficult to customise and tailor to brand style. They have a learning curve and force developers to compromise the quality of their output to work with the website builder tool.

Server side rendered websites like WordPress are not ideal for reliability and sustainability. They often have server scaling and hosting management headaches.

The website is the core of digital presence but that's one channel there are also email and social integrations required to reach those audiences. Off the shelf software never does integration smoothly.

"Content is King - Code is Queen ".

Solution (your UNIQUE solution)

Innovate marketing websites built with bleeding-edge technology. Beautifully designed to provide a competitive digital presence for start-ups.

I'm automating the process of making personalised marketing websites. Automation reduces the time taken to deliver projects and makes the project cheaper to produce.

Product Risk (underlying technology behind your solution)

I use open source self-hosted software. If the maintainer abandons the project, I can find another, or I can fork the project and maintain it myself.

The core tool is Nuxt.js, an innovating static site generation framework I use to build websites.

I host websites on Cloudflare, but it can be any static or serverless hosting provider.

I use a bunch of other quality assurance tools such as Sentry and Google Lighthouse.

Market Risk (TAM specific to niche and how you can scale this to other verticals (their size) or markets, how do you know the market wants it)

My current niche is small business and more specifically startups. I love working with innovative people who want to change things for the better.

Management Risk (how you will win above all others, team, who are we betting on)

I'm a rock star dev, where I often do more than half the work for my whole team. I build websites in 5 days that reach millions of users.

Problem is: There is only one of me, and I can't do everything. I would love to train some more junior developers to do cool stuff like me.

I work with a few freelance designers and other types of freelancers when they have more experience with something than I do.

Financial Risk (capital efficiency with time considered)

I like to keep costs low, and usually open-source projects can be run for free unless you want to pay the open-source developers. Which I do since it makes the community more sustainable.

Competition Risk (winning against whom)

There are millions of Digital Agencies building bespoke software every day. I'm just another average everyday developer looking to fill the capacity with the 2 jobs for every developer.

There are also thousands of content management systems, several of them I have built for other agencies. None of them have worked quite right for me, but that's what I'm looking to change.

Ask (how much and for what)

Bootstrapping the business and looking for mentoring rather than funding.

Looking forward to working with the startup community to deliver high quality digital experiences. I invite you to please give your feedback.

Go To Market: (how do you win, execution risk, yes this is a sixth and most important risk)

Startups have reached out to me looking to work with an English-speaking developer that can effectively communicate with them and get their website to work for them, rather than them working for the website.

I plan to work face to face with startups in River City Labs to build and maintain outstanding digital marketing experiences.

Milestones, use of funds, succeed by when

Help startups do cool digital marketing and show results against an industry benchmark.

Use of funds:

  • Design $2,000 - $5,000 per project
  • Developer $1,000 - $5,000 per project (10 - 50 hours)
  • Project Manager $200 per project
  • Domain name $20 - $400 per year
  • Server Hosting $20 - $4000 per month Total: $3,240 - $14,400 per project

Success when I have enough value-based revenue to work full time for myself.

How much of your own funds committed to date

Based on the hours I spent writing code in it, which is in the hundreds of hours.

200 * 98 = 19,600

Also, a couple of thousand dollars of capitalisation for assets and other costs.

Total $22,600 AUD

Summary reasons to invest

I'm looking forward to working with the startup community to deliver high quality digital experiences. I invite you to please give your feedback.

Common Errors in Presentation Materials

  1. Grammatical and spelling errors
  2. Writing in narrative rather than outline format
  3. Misunderstanding the difference between total market and addressable market
  4. Approaching the financial model from the top down
  5. Leaps of faith (unsupported assumptions)
  6. Focusing on the technology and not the business
  7. Ignoring or dismissing the competition
  8. Projections that are too aggressive or too conservative
  9. Failing to provide your basic contact information