Deploying Laravel to Vercel

How to set up and deploy our Laravel application on a serverless environment called Vercel, including automated deployments and previews with out any cost.
Inspired by Caleb Porzio

Configuration for Vercel


<?phprequire __DIR__ . '/../public/index.php';

Vercel only allows an app’s entry-point to live inside the API directory, so we have to set up a simple script to forward to Laravel’s normal public/index.php entry-point.



This will make sure we don’t upload the entirety of our vendor directory to Vercel when we deploy (We’ll set up Vercel to automatically install composer dependencies).


{    "version": 2,    "framework": null,    "functions": {        "api/index.php": { "runtime": "vercel-php@0.6.0" }    },    "routes": [{        "src": "/(.*)",        "dest": "/api/index.php"    }],    "env": {        "APP_ENV": "production",        "APP_CONFIG_CACHE": "/tmp/config.php",        "APP_EVENTS_CACHE": "/tmp/events.php",        "APP_PACKAGES_CACHE": "/tmp/packages.php",        "APP_ROUTES_CACHE": "/tmp/routes.php",        "APP_SERVICES_CACHE": "/tmp/services.php",        "VIEW_COMPILED_PATH": "/tmp",        "CACHE_DRIVER": "array",        "LOG_CHANNEL": "stderr",        "SESSION_DRIVER": "cookie"    }}