Damien Robinson
Web Developer

I am a full-stack web developer with 3 years experience, seeking full time employment and a chance to further my skills in front end web development for marketing websites. I have well-rounded full-stack development experience, with a proficiency in Nuxt.js static marketing websites.

Professional Skills

PHP APIs (Laravel)
Semantic HTML
Bootstrap CSS
Structured Query Language (MySQL)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Node Package Manager
Python (Flask)
Git (Bitbucket & Github)
Continuous Integration (Jenkins & Travis)
Mobile-First, Responsive Design
Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
Cross Functional Teams
Agile Development & Scrum

Personal Attributes

Time Management

I stay on top of tasks given to me and I never go past client deadlines. I use project management tools such as JIRA to triage issues and forecast effort estimates for projects using story points.

Problem Solving

I work through complex problems on my own, but I’m not afraid to ask for help in areas I’m not familiar with. I enjoy using creative thinking to present effective solutions through the use of rapid prototyping at hackathons/startup weekends.

Team Player

I work well in a team and can fill both leader and supporting positions with confidence. I enjoy working in a collaborative team structure but I have worked independently on projects as well.

Quality Management

I practice test driven development by creating automated unit tests using Jest, to ensure that all functions of a system operate as expected.

Written Communication

I take pride in producing clear and concise reports, programs and documentation for all code as demonstrated by liaising with clients and project teams.


Griffith University

Bachelor of Applied Information Technology -
Grade Point Average: 5.1/7
Key Courses
  • Dynamic Multimedia Systems
  • Database Systems Administration
  • Programming Mobile Applications
  • Network Security


Web Developer

OSE - Present

At OSE I have worked with a variety of ecommerce management systems including Shopify, Wordpress, Magento and Laravel. I have provided on call after hours support to resolve incidents and ensure website reliability.

Tools used: HTML, CSS, Vue.js, PHP (Laravel, Magento, Wordpress), SQL

Frontend Developer

Otherlevels -

In my secondment with XCOM Media’s parent company Otherlevels I have gained experience in migrating and modernizing Angular.js web apps. I have also worked on productizing the services XCOM Media provide as integrations to the Otherlevels marketing automation platform. This role has allowed me to diversify my skills in working on large scale enterprise applications. Since June 2020 I have also been the acting Lead Front End Developer at Otherlevels, furthering my skills in project management and product development.

Tools used: HTML, CSS, Angular

Web Developer

XCOM Media -

My work at XCOM Media allows me to develop skills with building secure, performant, reliable, highly available contact management solutions for global markets. During my time in this role I have worked on projects such as Tourism and Events Queensland’s scUber campaign, developing an award winning micro site for collecting competition entries. I have also maintained and modernized legacy PHP email subscription forms. In this role I have furthered my skills in implementing marketing strategies, client and professional liaising, and working in a fast-paced team environment.

Tools used: HTML, CSS, Vue.js (Nuxt.js), PHP (Laravel), SQL(MySQL)

Web Designer

Griffith University -

My work in the Marketing Technology team at Griffith University included upgrading the Web Services Database to reduce data anomalies. During the project I completed day to day tasks such as changing banners on the homepage and updating body copy on web pages using Squiz Matrix Content Management System. During the upgrade of the Web Services Database I liaised with clients to design the system to meet the requirements of automating tasks carried out by the Marketing Technology team.

Tools used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Squiz Matrix, SVN, PHP, SQL

Personal Projects

I enjoy making my own web applications in my free time to further my skills. I have built several websites, including my personal portfolio, using a wide variety of tools to achieve this. These tools include: Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Github, Bootstrap CSS, Vuetify CSS, Semantic Release automation, Sentry error tracking, Vercel, Lighthouse CI, Renovate automated dependency management.